If you are thinking about differences between cell phones and PDAs, you might be wondering how PDAs can replace your laptop because you realize they are like a mini-computer. A “Personal Digital Assistant” has become more sophisticated, with advances in technology. You are not the only one wondering how PDAs can replace your laptop, because they are becoming more popular.

You might already know somebody that carries a Blackberry, but there are similar devices made by Nokia and Samsung. If you were to ask them how PDAs can replace your laptop, they will tell you they are easier to carry and you can take advantage of Internet access, almost anywhere through cellular data packages. These palm-sized devices are capable of giving you access to everything you use your laptop computer for, besides offering communication, GPS navigation and other applications that your laptop might not be capable of.

They are also more affordable and you can buy PDA accessories that allow you to plug them into full-sized computer monitors and keyboards. There are many accessories for the iPhone, iPhone3G and iPhone 4, but you can also find additional accessories for the different models of Blackberry, Nokia and Samsung.

If you are trying to discover how PDAs can replace your laptop, it might be noted that they are more portable and have just as much capability, if not more. Many traveling professionals use them as a portable office, especially those that are in the insurance or financial service industries and real estate professionals find them invaluable for performing searches, accessing office files and performing GPS navigational tasks.

If you are searching for an electronic device that can make you more efficient, you might have been looking at different models of cell phones and PDAs. Once you find out how PDAs can replace your laptop computer, you will see why so many business professionals believe they are irreplaceable, when it comes to portability and ease of access or convenience.